Your way is our way

Our focus is on cultivating the relationship loop of parents-children-educators. We believe that the roots of wholesome growth lies in the development of character values, and parents lead the way to empower individual potential for children to be who they really want to be. We feel that there is no need to rush into the many school years to come, therefore our non-academic style is geared to prepare your child for life and explore their own uniqueness.

We are more than just a day care. We are your Wholehearted Family and we treat every child as if they are our own.

We provide an environment that thrives on uniqueness and celebrates creativity, curiosity, courage, connections, and compassion (the 5 C’s).

We believe in planting the seeds for wholesome growth because we are nurturing the roots of the world’s future.

Your home away from home

We completely gutted our building down to brick & mortar to create a beautiful brand new child care facility in a cozy Burnaby urban village. The design focus was to bring nature indoors and interweave calming elements throughout the facility. Our vision was brought to life by the highly experienced and reputable construction firm, Boffo Building Inc.




Big solarium-style windows wrap around the building to bring the outdoors in. When we do turn on the lights, we invested in ultra-premium LED panels specifically designed to be cloudy soft for sensitive little eyes.

A subdued design throughout the facility enables balance for children to be better in touch with their inner self. Instead of over-stimulating with bright colours, we prefer to let the children shine with their brilliance.

The comfort of home says this is a safe environment to explore, grow, and express oneself. With a warm cozy atmosphere, we are a home away from home, treating every child as if they are our own.