Frequently asked questions

These questions are gathered on an ongoing basis and will be regularly updated. We will add more as we encounter new topics to clarify.

Are students required to wear uniforms?

There is no requirement for uniforms or extra costs for mandatory accessories. We believe in individual expression and we encourage all students to express themselves.

Do you provide snacks and meals?

Yes, we have a brand new fully equipped commercial kitchen on-site and we will always be transparent about what we serve. Our amazing Chef prepares wholesome daily meals made fresh in-house and with raw ingredients that are mostly organic. Ask us about how far we’ve gone to ensure natural diversity and avoid processed foods.

Do you provide regular reports on my child’s progress?

Yes, we will use a family app to send out communications and private progress reports. We will regularly record videos and photos of your child’s activities and creations for you to keep forever.

Will there be field trips off-site?

With parent/guardian consent, we genuinely want to plan as many field trips as possible. Particularly for the older kids at Age 4+, we will schedule field trips on a monthly basis or more frequently. The costs will be covered within monthly fees, unless the activity is exceptionally expensive. We believe in learning outside the classroom and exposure to diversity in the world.

What are your centre hours?

Our hours of operation will be from 8:00am to 5:30pm. We will only close on weekends, statutory holidays, and business days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Are you associated with any organization, brand, or methodologies?

We are independently innovating a whole new approach to child care that is founded on parenting best practices and developmental science. We gather inspiration from leading researchers and we would like to recognize Dr. Gordon Neufeld and Dr. Deborah MacNamara for their brilliance. Another area of passion is Self Regulation with Dr. Stuart Shanker. At this time, we remain unaffiliated parties.

Will you potty train my toddler?

Absolutely. Our educators are very experienced in noticing behaviour that indicate when a child is ready for potty training. We will talk it through with parents and work together on how to communicate with the child for consistent training at-home and at-daycare.

Can parents spend time with educators to discuss childhood development?

Even if you do not talk to educators, we will always reach out to you on a regular basis. We are different than the norm because our educators focus exclusively on children and there is almost no non-care administrative responsibilities. So if you need to meet with educators, as much as you want, we are available.

Will you produce report cards for use with private school applications?

We will produce report cards for children starting at Age 4. There will be sufficient tracking of a child’s progress to contribute to the application process for private schools. If a reference letter by an educator is required, depending on the private school, we would be very happy to assist. 

Do you have a child care license?

Absolutely. We have obtained a Group Child Care License and we have undergone regular inspections for both child care regulations and for COVID-19 infection control protocols. You’re more than welcome to view our inspection reports online via Fraser Health.

How will you spend time outdoors if my child is still learning to walk?

For little ones just learning to walk, we will use our private on-site outdoor playspace as well as go out on our KinderVan strollers. The innovative design allows each seat to rotate and our educators will change up the configuration to give children a fresh look on stroller walks. 

What cleaning chemicals do you use?

We value the environment and the health of your children, so we use only Ecologo certified cleaners and disinfectants based on Hydrogen Peroxide. It essentially breaks down into water and has no odour, but is a powerful disinfectant. Check out the David Suzuki Foundation’s article on Non-Toxic Disinfecting.

What languages will your educators speak?

We are proudly diverse in culture and ethnicity. The primary language at the centre is English. Some educators may speak a second language but we cannot guarantee a particular language other than English. In the future, we will explore whether to teach a second language and will survey parents.

Will there be live cameras in each classroom?

There is a video camera system both indoors and outdoors. The video recordings will be used to ensure safety and security. If necessary, we will utilize recordings to investigate and learn from incidents. Due to privacy concerns in shared spaces, we will not make the video feeds available online. Instead, our educators will be actively recording your child’s progress throughout the day and sharing with you via our family app.

Do you have on-site parking?

Yes, we have plenty of underground parking all to ourselves, and we have installed an elevator lift for strollers and wheelchair access. And if that’s not enough, small-street parking is also plentiful.  

How do you ensure security from strangers at your facility?

We are a locked-down facility and will not allow drop-in visitors or public access. All visitors must be pre-scheduled and accompanied by a host at all times. All staff will be vigilantly monitoring all children and we also have security cameras throughout. Parents will be issued a key fob to access the building during pick-up and drop-off.

Are you conducting a structured academic program?

We are following modern research that advocates freedom from structure to allow children to truly flourish. We believe that creativity comes from having strong relationships with adults and a deep-rooted sense of safety in order for children to develop courage to express themselves. Instead of pre-defined themes that end on a Friday and starts anew on Monday, we are dynamic, flexible, and genuinely free-form to adapt activities to constantly changing interests. We would be very happy to discuss further!

More FAQ’s to come…